Since 2004, we have worked with Ontario's child and youth mental health sector to share knowledge, build capacity and create the connections needed to improve mental health care for children, youth and families across the province. Our work is focused on two key goals:

How we work

To achieve our goals, we work to identify crucial knowledge and evidence gaps in child and youth mental health and then we assemble the best possible teams and the latest, most relevant information required to fill these gaps. We have always embraced the complex nature of the child and youth mental health system, working to dismantle silos, nurture partnerships and build bridges for youth and families to bring their voices into the planning and delivery of services that meet their needs. Collaboration is a part of everything we do (see Who we work with, below).

We also maintain a valuable collection of resources to continue to guide our own work, inform decision makers and help agencies ensure high-quality mental health services and tools.

Who we work with

We work with individuals and organizations from many different agencies, sectors and care settings, to align our efforts and produce the best outcomes for Ontario's children, youth and families. Our frequent collaborators include:

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