We employ professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds including health sciences, evaluation, research, knowledge exchange, communications, administration and more.

You can reach Centre staff by phone at 613-737-2297 and dialing their extension, or by email.


Our executive sets our entire team up for success. These individuals set direction, seek out emerging trends and work to inform practice and policy initiatives across the sector. 

Acting Executive Director,
Director of Knowledge Mobilization

Email Purnima
ext. 3769

Purnima's bio

Purnima Sundar is the acting executive director and director of knowledge mobilization at the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health. She has 20 years of experience doing community-based, participatory action research and program evaluation in the areas of community mental health and diversity/multiculturalism.  

At the Centre, Purnima leads a team of experts to support practitioners to gather, share and use relevant information to strengthen services for children, youth and families, and works with government partners across ministries to facilitate knowledge mobilization within Ontario’s child/youth serving sectors. 

Director, Special Projects and Operations

Email MaryAnn
ext. 3314

MaryAnn's bio

MaryAnn Notarianni (she/her) is the director of special projects and operations at the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health. MaryAnn has a master’s degree in social work and a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and policy management, with a specialization in social policy. She has spent 15 years working in mental health, public health policy and community development, leading initiatives in e-mental health, youth suicide prevention/youth life promotion, Indigenous health promotion and knowledge mobilization.

MaryAnn leads the Centre's quality improvement and youth and family engagement services for Ontario's community-based child and youth mental health sector. She also oversees corporate operations.  

The Centre team


This team is the backbone of the Centre. Team members make sure we pay our bills, spend wisely and demonstrate our impact.  

Portrait of Alison McAfeeAlison McAfee
Senior Administrative Assistant
ext. 3328


Portrait of Allanna Dagley

Allanna Dagley
Senior Administrative Assistant (on leave)


Portrait of Émilie St-Jean Savoie

Émilie St-Jean Savoie
Administrative Assistant

ext. 3316


Portrait of Pamela WangkhangPamela Wangkhang
Contracts Officer
ext. 3732


Portrait of Mageya Castedo

Mageya Castedo
Finance Clerk
ext. 3324


Portrait of Samantha Watters

Samantha Watters
Finance Clerk
ext. 3318


Our communications team works strategically across the organization and with each of our project teams to ensure that we are effectively communicating what we do. 


Portrait of Geneviève C.GagnonGeneviève C.Gagnon
Manager, Communications

ext. 3388


Portrait of Brooke EbouleBrooke Eboule
Communications Specialist
ext. 3494


Portrait of François DemersFrançois Demers
Communications Specialist

ext. 3332


Portrait of Heather ParsonsHeather Parsons
Communications Specialist (on leave)


Portrait of Ray HeathRay Heath
Communications Specialist
ext. 3315


Portrait of Eric WellmanEric Wellman
Website Administrator
ext. 3326

 Data and quality improvement

This team uses its expertise to support others working in child and youth mental health to evaluate their work and make sure they are being the best they can be. Team members also do the same for the Centre, holding us accountable in our pursuit of excellence 


Portrait of Melissa JenningsMelissa Jennings
Manager, Planning and Performance
ext. 3720


Portrait of Sandra Huang Del FrariSandra Huang Del Frari
Manager, Quality
ext. 3327


Portrait of Kyle FergusonKyle Ferguson
Operations and Performance Measurement Specialist
ext. 2895


Portrait of Tracey MacLaurinTracey MacLaurin

Project Coordinator
ext. 3344


Portrait of Ann BarberAnn Barber
Quality Improvement Consultant
ext. 3483


Portrait of Kristina Rohde

Kristina Rohde
Quality Improvement Consultant (on leave)


Portrait of Blake DaveyBlake Davey
Quality Improvement Specialist
ext. 3313


Portrait of Kelsey BinkleyKelsey Binkley
Quality Improvement Specialist
ext. 3359


Portrait of LamiaLamia Moheb Almorsy
Quality Improvement Specialist

 Knowledge mobilization

Our knowledge mobilization team makes information accessible, understandable and usable for those who need it most. Team members’ expertise helps align research, policy and practice to improve outcomes for children, youth and families. 


Portrait of Mario CappelliMario Cappelli
Senior Child and Youth Mental Health Clinician-Scientist
ext. 3321


Portrait of Evangeline DansecoEvangeline Danseco
Performance Measurement Coach
ext. 3319


Portrait of Jaime BrownJaime Brown
Research Coach
ext. 3317


Portrait of Ashley Radomski

Ashley Radomski
Postdoctoral Fellow

ext. 3475

Portrait of Tara McFaddenTara McFadden
Project Coordinator
ext. 3581


Portrait of Ashley Charbonneau

Ashley Charbonneau
Research Coordinator
ext. 3361


Portrait of Julia KurzawaJulia Kurzawa
Research Coordinator


Portrait of Melissa Edwards

Melissa Edwards
Research Coordinator
ext. 3736


Portrait of Nicole SummersNicole Summers
Research Coordinator
ext. 3325


Portrait of Chelsea NoelChelsea Noel
Research Assistant


Portrait of Huma MuhammadiHuma Muhammadi
Research Assistant
ext. 3731


Portrait of Marta Krygier-BartzMarta Krygier-Bartz
Research Assistant
ext. 3376

 Youth and family engagement and quality standards

This team supports our sector partners and others across the child and youth mental health system to meaningfully engage youth and families in Ontario. Team members also help us to fulfill our commitment to do so in our own work. 


Portrait of Jana KocourekJana Kocourek
Manager, Engagement and Standards
ext. 3310


Portrait of Kelli DilworthKelli Dilworth
Project Coordinator
ext. 3320


Portrait of Renée NossalRenée Nossal
Project Coordinator
ext. 3458


Portrait of Natalie MarkoffNatalie Markoff
Family Engagement Specialist


Portrait of Josianne FernandezJosianne Fernandez
Youth Advisor
ext. 3485


Portrait of Kamill SantafeKamill Santafe
Youth Advisor
ext. 3329