Our youth advisory council (Youth council) builds on the capacity of young people to improve child and youth mental health across Ontario by speaking to, and acting on, issues that impact or are important to youth. The Youth council reflects our commitment to meaningful youth engagement; we rely on young people's perspectives as well as integral input, expertise and guidance to ensure our policies, approaches, initiatives and other work are responsive to the evolving needs of young people.

Member responsibilities

The purpose of the Youth council includes:

  • advising on our strategic directions and activities
  • empowering youth representatives to lead and inform key decisions in the development, implementation and evaluation of our initiatives
  • building meaningful, professional relationships between council members
  • augmenting the capacity of the Centre's youth engagement team by acting as a mechanism for project support, when needed
  • ensuring alignment with our strategic advisory council through consistent youth liaison representing both councils

Meet the Youth council

The Youth council consists of about a dozen diverse youth from across the province.

  • Abby Lopez
  • Amanda McGraw
  • Anvita Desai
  • Assia Messaoudi
  • Brett Recollet
  • Gagandeep Virdi
  • Leif Harris
  • Mahalia Dixon
  • Malika Osman
  • Nicholas Jakubiak
  • Niko Lapensee
  • Rafael Lim Daunt
  • Samar El Faki