An excellent child and youth mental health system produces good client experience, timely services and an integrated, easy-to-navigate set of services. This requires flexibility, agility and an appetite for change — the status quo is just not good enough. That's why we see quality improvement (QI) as a continuous process, not an event.

Setting quality standards

In 2018 we undertook a new goal: to set quality standards for child and youth mental health services in Ontario. We began first by setting the standards for youth and family engagement alongside young people, families, clinicians and researchers from across the province. When they have an active role in treatment planning and service delivery at the system level, Ontario's children, youth and families experience better outcomes.

We continue to work to support the implementation of these standards, while also exploring the development of new quality standards or guidelines, based on the evolving needs of the sector.

For more information about quality standards, please contact us.

The Quest for continuous quality improvement

In September 2019 we launched Quest — a quality improvement program based on Lean Six Sigma methodology — in partnership with Children's Mental Health Ontario (CMHO). Beginning in January 2020, we will coach selected teams through an improvement project around the theme of care pathways. Projects will be chosen based on their potential for system-level impact.

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