Making good decisions requires the latest, high-quality information. We work to identify our sector's most pressing knowledge gaps and close them by seeking out the best available evidence. Then, we make sure that knowledge is accessible, understandable and useful for everyone working in our sector. Intentionally using information and expertise to align research, policy and practice helps create better experiences and mental health outcomes for children, youth and families in Ontario.

Gathering knowledge for system-level impact

We have always produced literature reviews, research summaries, policy papers and other evidence resources to help ensure high-quality, evidence-based service delivery across the province. The topics we focus on are informed by our sector's most pressing priorities.

For example, when Canada legalized cannabis, service providers had many questions about the links between mental health and cannabis use among youth under the age of 25. We partnered with Addictions and Mental Health Ontario (AMHO) to develop a learning resource to meet this knowledge need. In April 2019 we published Clearing the air: Informing conversations about cannabis for child and youth mental health and addictions professionals.

Search our resources

Visit our resource hub to find these and other resources designed to help service providers, organizational leaders and system-level decision makers access the best available evidence to inform their work.

Supporting implementation through coaching

Good resources play a key role in knowledge mobilization, but sometimes it takes more than that to truly make the connection between research or expertise and policy or practice. We provide free, tailored coaching and implementation supports for agencies who take part in our key projects and initiatives, from quality improvement to engagement to innovation.