Another step toward consistent, measurable youth and family engagement across Ontario

We’re taking another step toward consistent, measurable youth and family engagement across Ontario, and so can you!

Since debuting the draft quality standards for youth and family engagement last fall, we piloted our coaching program in several communities and now, we’re ready to support other organizations and communities through their implementation journey.

Implementing these standards means more young people and families are informing services, leading to better service experiences and outcomes. It also means young people and families have many ways to be involved: joining a core team, helping to plan for engaging other young people and families, providing direct feedback on services and so much more!

Get to know the quality standard for youth engagement, the quality standard for family engagement and the principles and best practices they contain. See how these quality standards align with the work you are doing and how they can be adapted or even spark ideas for improvement.

Then, please share the quality standards with colleagues and partners— even if your partners don’t work specifically in child and youth mental health. While these quality standards were developed in a mental health context, they consist of principles-based quality statements that have broader relevance. They can be applied across sectors and in different settings (e.g. integrated youth services, integrated health teams and other types of healthcare settings) to the benefit of children, youth and families served.

If you are interested in learning more about our coaching program and measurement surveys, get in touch with our engagement team today. Keep an eye out for more resources that we’ll be rolling out over the next several months, including practical approaches guides and resources specifically for young people and families.